Content Marketing

A marketing company that gets you noticed

Marketing materials play an integral part in promoting your business because they set the image you portray to prospective customers. Write On Point will help ensure your image is a positive one! We create compelling marketing materials designed to enhance brand awareness and corporate identity and influence purchasing decisions – some of which work to enhance online visibility as well.

Our copywriting strategy
As a marketing communications company, we believe in doing our research and spending time learning about your business. Together with you, we’ll identify your marketing needs and flesh out the unique and noteworthy aspects of your business. We then take that information and create writing pieces that clearly and persuasively present your business and its products/services, their benefits, and why your potential customers need them!

Because it is important for your off and online marketing materials to relate to each other, we take care to craft them with a unified voice. The tone will be friendly and your message will be consistent. And, each piece is enticingly drafted with your specific target audience in mind.

While we believe that such effective communication is essential for your business, we also understand that your marketing materials need to be easy for the eye to follow. Every piece of your marketing collateral will be clean and simple with graphics, photos and white space used to your best advantage.

Customized marketing kits that make the important information about your company jump out
One way to impress potential new customers and clients is to present them with a Marketing Kit, which is very similar to a Media Kit. Each Marketing Kit, presented in a folder with your company’s logo, would include writing pieces that focus on:

  • Key Company Information – how your business is different from, and better than, your competitors’
  • Services and/or Products
  • Clients
  • Case Histories demonstrating how you solve problems or provide great solutions
  • Testimonials
  • Background Information
  • Professional Biographies



With a Marketing Kit you are able to present a significant amount of information about your business and its services and/or products in an organized, eye-catching and easy to read format. Additionally, since each piece of marketing collateral is a separate component of the Marketing Kit, it can be easily updated or revised to fit your needs as you grow your business.

Write On Point’s Offline Marketing Copywriting Services Include:

  • Informative Brochures that inspire interest
  • Enticing Sales Letters
  • Engaging Direct Mail pieces that notify customers of new products or specials
  • Persuasive Advertorials
  • Articles that position you as an industry leader and enhance your web presence
  • Well-Organized and Influential Marketing Kits
  • Newsletters that can also be optimized for use on your website

See how Write On Point’s marketing copywriting will help you break away from the competition, or call us at 845-258-6777.

Write On Point is a marketing company in the Hudson Valley town of Warwick in Orange County NY that specializes in offline and online marketing to enhance your bottom line.