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SEO principles are the same in the US and abroad. We help businesses in and targeting English Speaking countries – United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and more – enhance their web visibility on both sides of the Atlantic. Our successful international SEO strategy includes thorough keyword research and analysis, keyword rich title and meta tags, good copy design, and optimized on-page content. We followed this strategy for international jewelry company True Vintage Jewellery UK. Their website had NO web visibility. That has changed thanks to the SEO services of our agency.

Effective search engine optimization brings customers from the US and abroad
True Vintage Jewellery, which features collectible British charms, is the perfect example of how to successfully optimize an international e-commerce website. Content is king – even for e-commerce sites. When True Vintage Jewellery came to us, they had virtually NO written content, simply product graphics and descriptions. They wished to be found by searchers in the US and England. So we conducted thorough research of the relevant terms used by searchers in both countries, then wrote targeted copy that incorporated those terms. We also created keyword rich title and meta tags, navigation tags and footers. This “international” seo strategy has brought the company clients from both sides of the Atlantic by ranking high on Google, Yahoo and Bing for such terms as:

  • Silver Vintage Jewellery
  • British Charms
  • Vintage Charm Necklaces
  • NUVO Charms
  • CHIM Charms

International SEO Marketing
In determining rankings, the search engines place great emphasis on the age of a website and how many backlinks it has. If you are a new site, there is nothing you can do about age, but you can work on backlinks and in the interim you can run a Google Adwords campaign to enhance your web visibility and draw customers. This is the international SEO marketing strategy for True Vintage Jewellery UK, which is a very young site. We are building backlinks through online press releases, link exchanges and blog interactions. For the more competitive search terms, we are running Google AdWords campaigns in the U.S. and Great Britain, which are bringing the company the international customers it is seeking.

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